CPD Support 

The session includes consideration of what data can and can’t realistically tell us about pupil learning and teacher performance. We also present key aspects of statistical literacy – crucial for those tasked with implementing and using data systems in a school. Lastly we consider examples of promising practices which reduce workload whilst supporting staff and students.

Data Use

Students' perception of their learning environment can be particularly revealing.  This project involves collecting and analysing feedback from carefully constructed questionnaires and interviews - leading to a report which can be discussed with teachers.

Pupil Voice


A session on how to reduce teacher workload - with a review of effective and less effective processes in schools, and up-to-date information on DfE reports and recently published research.




Teacher workload and well-being

How can a course be designed to promote long-term learning?  This session looks at how HoDs can structure their courses in such a way that encourages long-term learning of key ideas and deep understanding of important concepts, whilst avoiding the cramming and intervention culture.

Curriculum and course design


A session looking into effective use of ICT in teaching.  Practical methods to speed up planning, assessment and distribution of resources - and a look into where Edtech is likely to fail.

Edtech - What is it good for?