Ben White

Ben White is a Sociology and Psychology teacher and Director of Educational Research with Ashford Teaching Alliance. He currently mentors a number of CPD leads working at schools across the south-east. He is a member of the CEBE research use steering committee and co-author of Leading Research Engagement in Education: Guidance for Organisational Change. 


Ben is convinced that engagement with educational research and the specific demands of a school’s context can lead to improvements to pupil outcomes. He recently completed a research project with NCTL relating to teacher-workload and data use which will be published in 2018 and is recording a podcast series which will be launched in January.  He occasionally tweets from @WaldenKent

Dan Boorman

A former Information Security consultant at KPMG, Dan is now an experienced Science teacher with a passion for improving students' ability to learn and retain knowledge as a starting point to developing enthusiasm for their school subjects - and ultimately being successful in their chosen field.

Dan also has a critical eye for the use and misuse of data as a method for identifying 'underachievement' and improving student progress.  He believes the lack of 'statistical literacy' in education leads to the generation of spurious data; the false conclusions from which actually detract from schools' ability to help students improve their learning strategies.

Twitter: @danboorman