Compare and Learn

Compare and Learn is a universal assessment tool, allowing you and and your students to formatively assess work within the lesson:

  • Create multiple opportunities for students to engage deeply with any task

  • Generate instant feedback for teachers and pupils

  • Complete the process within 15 minutes

10 ways teachers are using Compare and Learn :

Within a lesson after introducing a new idea, explanation or skill:

- Comparing diagrams

- Comparing explanations

- Comparing art-work

- Comparing strategies for problem solving

Within a course to help support and refine learning in the longer-term:

- Revision ‘knowledge dumps’

- Tackling tricky exam questions – which response is best?

Before teaching something new:

- Before you start a topic – what do you know?

- Before you start a question – compare similar questions

Outside lessons:

- With teachers as a form of moderation and/or training.

- Run the same task with classes from other schools

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