School Data Validation Audit


Schools increasingly generate, collect and analyse data to monitor student progress, and identify groups and individuals who may need additional support.  However, are there any assurances this data is valid or reliable?  Based on the computer science principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out’, there is a significant danger that a huge number of man-hours are wasted generating and analysing spurious data, the conclusions from which lead to support and intervention being provided to the ‘wrong’ students and ultimately impacting results.



Walden Education can perform an independent review the data systems employed in your school, from how it is generated to the statistical significance of high-level analyses of whole cohorts.


Data Generation

An independent in-depth review of how departments assess students:

  • Relevance to the final exam

  • Consistency of assessments

  • Ability to identify different levels of progress


Predicted Grade analysis

Governors are always keen to know what the results will look like at the end of the year as soon as possible.  However, if interventions and teaching strategies are based on predicted or forecast grades, there is a strong likelihood of the ‘wrong’ students being identified.  Walden can review your current predicting systems, and provide advice on alternative methods of identifying struggling students.


Statistical significance analysis


Whilst tempting to compare simple percentages, it is important to understand that with the small numbers involved in schools, serious decisions may be made based on data that is not statistically significant.  Does your current system allow you to differentiate between natural variation between classes and genuinely significant differences.  Walden will perform these statistical analyses, and help you to ‘sort the wheat from the chaff’:


  • Differences between classes

  • Differences between sub-groups (Pupil Premium, AEN, Boys, Girls, EAL)

  • Differences between subjects

  • Analysis of results year on year

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