Providing simple advice and educational strategies.

Informed by research. Tailored to the needs of your own pupils and teachers.

At Walden Education, we are excited about the current trend towards using research-informed strategies to improve education. It is sensible that school improvements are based upon well-supported research relating to how pupils


However, we think it is equally important to ensure that we carefully consider

our own immediate context: 

  • How do our pupils experience learning in their lessons in our school? 

  • What makes them think hard? 

  • Do students feel confident about preparing for terminal exams?

  • What are their current strengths?

  • What do students find challenging?

  • What should we focus on first?

  • How many of our students complete the homework/revision tasks which we set?

  • Is there a link between their answers and their academic progress

Over the past 5 years we have been working with a range of primary, secondary schools and educational researchers to develop local research tools which help you to answer these questions.





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