Exploring learning at your school


We can work with you to design, conduct and analyse the findings from a quantitative electronic questionnaire and series of workshop questions.  We will provide you with research report which can help you to make informed improvements to pupil learning in your school or department.


Learning questionnaire (at department or cohort level)

Questionnaire responses are anonymously linked to pupil attainment data we are able to identify the relationship between specific pupil behaviours and progress they are making in their learning. Questions can be tailored to match your own policies approaches, however core questions focus on

  • The relationship between time spent studying outside of lessons and academic progress

  • The relationship between specific learning practices and academic progress

  • The relationship between support at home and academic progress

  • The ways in which pupils approach class tests, mock exams and external exams and their relationship to academic progress.


Focus group questions 

The focus group process is designed to provide insight into the ways in which a representative sample of your pupils

  • Perceive mental challenges

  • View their plans for the future and how to realise them

  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses as learners

  • Understand (and employ) successful study habits in their own time


Research report


You will be provided with a research report (and if required) a recording/transcript of the focus group session. This will highlight significant patterns drawn from the questionnaire and key strengths and challenges identified in the focus group.Alongside the written report we are happy to include a briefing for your dept team, leadership team, governors or teaching staff as a whole.


We are happy to speak with you to share further information about (and examples of) this service.  Please contact us at mail@waldeneducation.org so that we can arrange a convenient time. If you do decide to go ahead we will then arrange a consultation session (in person or via phone/skype) in which we tailor the research tools and work through practical issues relating to when and how to complete each process.

Learning Questionnaire Case Study

The format will be tailored to match your reporting system. However the following examples shows the relationship between two questions at a secondary school in the south east. Both provide a useful starting point from which to start better supporting students.